Counseling & Consultation


Individual sessions for children, youth, and adults provide one-on-one attention where the sole focus is on the well-being and functioning of the client. 

There are times that we need to take a step back from the stress of our everyday lives to re-examine how we are coping and functioning both personally and professionally.  We provide a safe and confidential environment to explore life’s challenges with a licensed professional whose role is to listen and support.  Together we develop an action plan with strategies to improve your interactions and decrease your stress.


•Life Transitions

•Stress Management

•Depression & Anxiety


•Family Issues & Difficult Relationships

•Career Decision-Making & Development

•Self-Esteem & Confidence

Children & Teens:

•Transitions to Middle/High School/College

•Dealing with Bullies

•Family Challenges/Divorce

•Depression & Anxiety

•Trauma/Abuse/Sexual Violence

•Self-Esteem & Confidence

•Friendships/Social Skills/Fitting In

Study Skills, Academic Assessment & College Planning:

•College Exploration

•College Applications

•Admission Essay Brainstorming and Editing

•Deciding on a College and a Major

•Success in College: Managing the Transition to College


Effectively Managing Life’s Challenges

Services Provided

There are few relationships in our lives where we receive unconditional positive support, appropriate levels of challenge and growth, and the confidence of knowing that our conversation is confidential.              

Lisa Hinkelman, Ph.D., LPC

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Columbus, Ohio 43215